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The Legend of Pancho Villa

José Doroteo Arango Arámbula, better known as Pancho Villa, was one of the first Mexican Revolutionary generals. As commander of the División del Norte, or Division of the North, he was the veritable caudillo, or political leader of the Northern Mexican state of Chihuahua which, given its size, mineral wealth, and proximity to the United States of America, gave him great popularity. Villa was also provisional Governor of Chihuahua in 1913 and 1914.


A general tried to capture Villa after a year in pursuit. Villa and his supporters, known as “Villistas”, used propaganda tactics and firing squads against his enemies, and seized government land for distribution to peasants and soldiers. He robbed and commandeered trains, and, like the other revolutionary generals, printed fiat money to pay for his cause.


Villa’s Robin Hood like tactics finally got him sentenced to execution in an attempt to dispose of him. Reportedly, Villa was standing in front of a firing squad waiting to be shot when a telegram from President Madero was received commuting his sentence to imprisonment, from which Villa later escaped. Pancho Villa is a symbol of rebellion and honor in the country of Mexico and his tale has become legendary.


He was accepted into the “panteón” of national heroes some 20 years after his death, today his memory is honored by Mexicans, Americans and many people around the world. Pancho Villa Bar & Grill honors his memory and legacy. Don’t forget Pancho Villa!